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Goat Milk Soap

Our favourites


Welcome to our soap web store where you will find our full range of handcrafted soaps, including our most popular; natural antiseptic tea tree and our best-selling goat milk, oatmeal & honey.


We have a full range of soaps for all your needs from detoxing activated charcoal for your face to calming lavender and Rose Geranium.


All of our soaps are vegetarian friendly and all but one is vegan friendly. We use materials that are all carefully selected and sourced through sustainable and organic suppliers and of course cruelty-free. Our packaging is biodegradable and compostable.

Usage of our products naturally result in the reduction of plastics as a bar of soap will last longer than 3 bottles of shower gel. Our new solid Shampoo and conditioner bars also reduce the use of plastic bottles and are great at home or as they are not a liquid, a convenient travel product.

Rose Geranium Bath Bombs


Bath Bombs 

In this day and age, a bath is a fantastic way to get a bit of me-time. We know with the pressures of every day, life can get in the way and t is not always possible to get the time for a bath.  However, when you do find the time make the most of it. 


Here at Slimbridge Soaps, we have looked at many different types of bath bombs before we settled on our range. From customers feedback we learned most people did not want the large bath bombs therefore, we devised a bath bomb range that came in a pack of 4 bath bombs.


This way you can have a quick dip in the bath and use one bath bomb or you can have a long and relaxing soak in the bath adding as many as you want.

All our bath bombs are simply and naturally made they contain no glitter to drive you mad when cleaning and are coloured with a food-grade safe colouring.

We have even remembered the men in our lives with the introduction of “Man Bombs” they may not always admit it but med love a bath too.

soothing & reviving

Lip Balms

Our natural lip reviving lip balms are part of our founding range and have remained a strong favourite to this day. Made with a range of natural oils and beeswax they are a great way to moisturise and protect your lips.

Unlike petroleum-based lip balms, which just sit on the lips as a barrier, our natural oil lip balms soak into your skin to replenish moisture and suppress the dryness associated with chapped lips.

Our formula will not only protect your lips it will also revive already tired and weather-beaten chapped lips.

All of our lip balms are supplied in a screw-top tin that can be easily recycled and thus saves the use of the plastic tube containers found in so many lip balm offerings today. We use natural flavour oil and no colouring within all of our lip balms.

Due to their effectiveness, only a little is needed at any one application, and because you are applying from the tin yourself,  you can control the amount you need to apply. A little goes a long way which is why so many customers love them as they last for such a long time.

Strawberry Lip Balm.jpg
Gift Basket Soap and bath bombs


For many years people have given toiletries for presents. In the last few years, the trend has been to actually put some thought into the purchase of toiletries as a gift.

As we have often spoken about before, we are all individuals and our skin in just and individual to us as hair or eye colour.

At Slimbridge Soaps we offer a truly broad and extensive range of products that will suit any skin or hair type, whether it is for oily, dry skin to issues with psoriasis and eczema we can offer you suitable products.

Please also remember not to forget the men in our world. We can tell you that men love our soaps and soaks as much as the ladies. We have introduced a range of men gifts that have proven to be tremendously popular.

Our ranges offer a pick your own selection section for soaps and bath bombs to enable you to show that extra bit of thought to the gift you are getting as you know them better and will be able to tailor the soaps or bath bombs to them personally.